Things You Must Have or Do Before Applying for Disability BenefitsIf you are going to apply for Social Security Disability benefits, there are certain things you should have or do beforehand. For example, you can consult with an attorney to determine if you qualify for benefits. You can also ask yourself the following questions to make sure that you are ready to apply.

Determine if Your Condition is Disabling Enough

This can be hard to answer. A person who has suffered from a severe spinal cord injury, or who has terminal cancer, could be considered obviously disabled, but what if your illness is an invisible one, such as severe anxiety or chronic pain?

You can review what is known as the Blue Book, which lists impairments that are covered by SSDI and the criteria for meeting them. Note that not all impairments are listed there. If your condition is not listed, or if you are dealing with numerous issues, then you might have to find a listing for a different criteria.

Are You Going to Be Out of Work for at Least 12 Months?

SSDI is long-term disability. It is a total disability program and only issues benefits to people that are considered 100% disabled. A person applying must be able to prove that their condition is serious enough that it will prevent them from working for at least 12 months. Even if you are very seriously injured, if your prognosis leaves you able to work within the next year, then you will not be approved.

Can You Work at All?

It is important to know if you can work at your current job in the current capacity in which you are used to working, but you must also determine if you can work at your current job in another position, or if you can adjust to a less strenuous job.

In the event that you do not qualify for long-term disability, the Social Security Administration might offer a medical-vocational allowance. First, they determine if your functional capacity and how well you can function with your condition. They then decide if you can do a different type of work and award medical-vocational allowance if applicable.

Have I Worked Enough to Qualify for SSDI?

To qualify for disability benefits, you must have earned work credits. The number of work credits you earn is based on making a minimum amount of money in a three-month period. The number of work credits you are required to have to qualify for SSDI will depend on your age.

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