The Basics of Construction and Heavy Machinery Injury Cases in California What is the first thing that comes to mind for most people imagining California? Tourists would likely say they think of beaches, palm trees, and tons of sunshine. Those of us who live here know that the state is under a constant state of construction. This provides many jobs throughout the state but it also means that there are more heavy machinery injuries in California than in most states.

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There Are Many Types of Heavy Machinery That Can Cause Injury in California Accidents

Throughout the state, there are many types of heavy machinery that can cause injury. They include front-end loaders, aerial lifts, forklifts, cranes, backhoes, farming equipment, company vehicles, dozers, falling tools or other falling equipment, cement trucks, electrical equipment, dump trucks, excavators, tractors, skid-steer loaders, tractors, and scaffolding. In short, any type of machinery or equipment on a jobsite has the potential to cause injury.

A Variety of Injuries Are Common in Construction Accidents

The fact that the equipment is so strong and large on construction sites results in a wide range of injuries that can happen. This includes amputations, crushing injuries, brain damage ranging anywhere from a moderate concussion to severe traumatic brain injury, third-degree burns, disfigurement, stroke, heart damage, paralysis, disability, and, in worst-case scenarios, death.

Workers’ Compensation May Not Be Your Only Option

If you were injured on a construction site while you were working then you should be eligible to collect via workers’ compensation. However, this may not be your only option – and it may not be your best option. One of the advantages of workers’ compensation is that you do not have to prove that any particular party was at fault, you only need to prove that you were injured and that your injury happened while you were working.

However, there are disadvantages to collecting workers’ compensation. First, you will be limited on the amount of money you can recover. Second, you will be limited on the types of damages you can recover compensation for. One common example is pain and suffering: You cannot collect compensation for it on a workers’ compensation case but you can via a personal injury case.

Contact a Local Attorney to Find Out What Your Best Options Are

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