Six Things You Should Never Say During an Independent Medical Evaluation in California

If you are asked to take part in an independent medical evaluation in California, you should always be honest about your injuries and your limitations. However, there are a few things you should avoid saying. Keep reading to see what they are and then contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 866-536-5788 to request a free legal consultation.

  1. What is My Diagnosis?
  2. The doctor will write an evaluation based on what they have seen and observed. They are not necessarily there to make a diagnosis. They might do so, but if they do it will be of their own accord. Asking for a diagnosis is not going to achieve that goal.

  3. Exaggerations of Your Symptoms
  4. Yes, you need to share the symptoms of injury, but no good will come from exaggerating. If the insurance company finds out, they might deny your claim or significantly reduce it on the grounds that they cannot trust your word.

  5. More Than You Need To
  6. Remember that being honest does not mean announcing things that the doctor has not asked about. The more you say, the more risk you are at of accidentally saying something that could be used against your interests. Answer questions but do not volunteer information.

  7. Sure, I Will Fill Out All Those Forms
  8. The IME doctor should have all the documents they need regarding your medical history and the injury. If they ask you to fill documents that appear to be duplicates of forms you have already filled out, this might be an attempt to see if your story changes. Do not fill out forms without carefully reading them and ensuring they are necessary.

  9. Always, Never, or Can’t
  10. When you use definitive words like “always,” can’t,” or “never,” you are setting yourself up to be contradicted. Instead, say “usually,” or “most of the time.” The truth is that most people’s injuries are not static, and what they can do one day they can’t do the next, and vice versa. Do not say anything that indicates that if you do something, you must have been lying about your condition.

  11. Anything Just to Please the Doctor
  12. Some people are “people pleasers,” and it can feel uncomfortable for them to say or do something they think is not what the doctor wants to hear. For example, if the doctor goes through many different motions asking, “Does this hurt?” after half a dozen times of saying “no,” some people feel like they are not giving the right answer and might say they are feeling pain just to “please” the doctor.

The only right answers are honest answers. Make sure you have a personal injury attorney who is looking out for your rights. You can call The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker now at 866-536-5788 for a free legal consultation.

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