Reasons Why Your SSDI Application was Denied

Many people are shocked when their Social Security Disability Insurance application is denied. While this can certainly be frustrating, remember that most applications are denied the first time. You do have appeal options, and you have an attorney who can help you. Your first step is to determine why your application was denied.

Keep reading to learn some of the most common reasons SSDI applications are denied, and then contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 866-536-5788 to request a free legal consultation for additional help.

There Was an Error When Filling Out the Forms

The Social Security system is confusing – there is no way around it. It is filled with rules, regulations, and forms that can be confusing to anyone who is stuck dealing with them. Even a simple error you make can lead to a denial. Your case needs to be clear, and forms must be filled out 100% correctly.

There Was Not Enough Medical Evidence

It is wise to include every shred of medical evidence you have. This can include things like hospital records, testimonials from coworkers, friends, family, and other people who are familiar with your disability, reports from doctors, and information on all the treatments you have received.

A Lack of Consistent Medical Care

It is important that you follow all doctor’s instructions. If you do not, then the Social Security Administration might argue that this led to a more serious injury or that the injury was not serious in the first place. They can deny the claim based on “treatment non-compliance.” They might make the assumption that you would be able to work if you had followed the treatment plan.

Not Cooperating with the Social Security Administration

It does not matter how you feel about the process and its difficulties, you must work with the Social Security Administration. They have all the power, and if you do not allow them to access your medical records or agree to a consultative exam, then you can expect them to deny your claim. You should cooperate and follow all instructions.

Your Income is Too High

You will not be denied SSDI due to your income being too high. This is not a needs-based program – it is based on what you have paid in. If you have earned the requisite work credits, then it does not matter what your income is. On the other hand, SSI (Supplemental Security Income) requires that the applicant’s household income and assets are below a certain level.

Not Getting Legal Help

The truth is that most of the reasons that a person is denied their SSDI benefits could have been dealt with if a legal professional had been involved in the application process. If you are ready to get started today, contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 866-536-5788 for a free legal consultation.

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