Learn the Appropriate Steps to Report a Workplace Injury to Your Employer

If you have been injured at work, you might not be sure exactly how to report it to your employer. If the injury is acute, meaning it happens suddenly, then it might be easy enough: they will see you go to the hospital. However, if you are dealing with a repetitive stress injury or another chronic issue, there are specific steps you should take to report the injury so that any future workers’ compensation claims can be supported.

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Report it On Time

It is required that you report the injury within a certain amount of time. The timeframe depends on what type of injury it was and when you became aware of the injury. For example, if you fell and hit your head but did not find out that you had suffered a head injury for another week, then it is likely the time to report would begin when you discovered your injury – not necessarily when the injury occurred.

Report it in Writing

No matter how good your relationship is with your employer, it is important to have this type of complaint in writing. It is fine to talk to them personally, but you should also put your complaint in writing. Even if you trust them completely, what happens if they are replaced and their replacement says they did not know anything about your injury? The more evidence you have the better off you will be.

Include All Applicable Information

Of course, when you report it in writing, you must know what to report. Your report should include your name, contact information, when and where the accident occurred, details of the injury, and the symptoms you have experienced (or are experiencing) as a result. Make sure you keep a copy of this report for your own records as well.

Report the Accident to the State Workers’ Compensation Division

You must submit a claim with the state workers’ compensation division within a certain timeframe. Make sure that you follow all the rules for filing or you might be denied. Be honest and be thorough. Do not add symptoms you are not feeling, or exaggerate the symptoms you are dealing with.

Talk to an Attorney

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