How to Get Help if Your Employer is Refusing to Pay Your Legally Earned Overtime

A decent employer will either adequately staff their firm so that overtime is not required, or will gladly compensate their employees if overtime is required. Not all employers, however, are reasonable. Some firms will need additional hours from their employees due to personnel shortages, higher-than-expected volumes of work, or other difficulties, and will try to avoid paying needed overtime by unlawful means.

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It is critical that you are aware of your legal rights

Although certain jobs are excluded, most workers are entitled to time and a half overtime compensation for any hours worked above 40 in a week or eight in a day. If an employee works more than 12 hours in a day, he or she is entitled to double compensation. Employers try to avoid paying overtime in a variety of methods, including:

  • Forcing employees to clock out and then return to work
  • Spreading work out over several weeks
  • Claiming that a worker’s overtime was not approved
  • Meetings, take-home work, short breaks, and training are not reimbursed
  • Instead of overtime pay, employees are compensated with paid time off

Even if an employee does not meet the requirements, they might be classified as exempt. For example, categorizing an employee as a manager despite the fact that the person has no management responsibilities or rewards.

None of the above techniques are lawful, and if you have been victim to one, you should seek legal advice immediately.

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