Are You Planning to File for SSDI Benefits? Do Not Make These Common Mistakes

If you have reason to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance, you may assume that it is as simple as filling out a few forms. This is rarely the case. Keep reading to discover some of the most common mistakes people make that can significantly increase the time it takes to get help, or can lead to outright denials.

Do Not Apply for SSDI Benefits Too Early

SSDI benefits are only approved for disabilities that are expected to last 12 months or longer. This can be hard to prove if the disability just began last month. You need accumulated medical records and plenty of evidence to support your claim. Applying before you have this is likely to do nothing but lead to frustration.

Follow Your Medical Plan

The person who reviews your SSDI plan is not likely to take it seriously if there is a documented history of you missing your medical appointments. Do not fall into the trap of worrying that if you get well too soon you will not get the benefits you deserve. The truth is that refusing to follow your doctor’s advice can lead to you losing your case.

Gather Your Own Medical Evidence

Most applicants for SSDI will be required to take a physical exam. However, this exam does not take the place of your own medical care from your own doctor. No matter what happens in the required exam it is not likely to be enough on its own. Instead, it will be used in conjunction with the medical record you have gathered from your treatment.

Do Not File an SSDI Claim While You Are Working

This is not always the case but for the most part we recommend against filing an SSDI claim while you are working. There is no law that says you can’t, but it is likely that if you are getting a salary or have income your claim will be denied. Why? Because SSDI is set up to support those who cannot work.

Do Not File an Appeal on Your Own

If you think the application process is complicated then you will be shocked by how complicated the appeals process can be. No matter how straightforward your appeal and evidence may seem, the truth is that if you have an attorney on your side you are more likely to get the forms filled out correctly and accurately.

Any of these mistakes could lead to unnecessary delays in your claims. Make sure you are making the right choice for your own specific needs.

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